Create Romantic Porch Enclosures

Porch enclosures – Your new porch will have all the charm of an English cottage garden with pastel paint. Then a porch swing, paint furniture and pot plants. Try painting the floor one medium slate blue, rails and columns glossy white and shutters. Window frames and front door pastel pink or pale lavender. Use turn spindles for railings and columns and gingerbread trim in archways.

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Plant a large climbing vine as wisteria. And then bougainvillea to settle one side of the porch enclosures and roof. Use one of the sockets to connect the strands of paper-cover lantern lights. And then alternative hanging hooks of archways for delicate glass wind chimes and subsequent flowering plants. White wicker furniture with canvas pillows in candy-colored stripes or faded chintz is beautiful and inviting.

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And then aback or side porch or veranda of the second floor bedroom is a classic sleeping porch. It is screen and offers a large, multi-speed ceiling fan. Homeowners can design sleeping porches in new buildings as a way to expand the usable space. And then add three-season outdoor recreation. The porch enclosures can be use in cool autumn and early spring with the addition of roll-down canvas curtains and a space heater. Then make sure the power outlet and wiring are suitable for safe usage on the porch. The screen keeps summer bugs at bay and ceiling fan creates a breeze on hot nights.

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