Good Landscaping Ideas For Ranch Homes

Landscaping ideas for ranch homes – The raised ranch is a type of home commonly found in suburbs across the USA. A two-story structure, the design presents special problems with the landscape because of its high, quite common front exterior. The appearance of the raised ranch home can be improve with the help of some creative landscaping ideas that highlight the good points of this type of home architecture.

Posted on September 30, 2017 Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping ideas for ranch homes, small evergreen trees flanking the door help to warm up the bare outside of this type of home. These trees can be conical to blend with wooded suburban environments. More rounded types of evergreens can provide a nice variation from the vertical and horizontal lines in the design. Larger trees can be place at the corners as good endpoints of the visual lines. Large trees can also be add at the rear of the home to provide shade for outdoor activities and entertaining. Flowering trees, such as dogwood and crab apple, which is near the foundation areas adds color. And mid-range height to draw the eye away from the upper levels.

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Landscaping ideas for ranch homes, strategic use of shrubs breaks up the long horizontal bar at the front of the house, and provides both color and texture for interest. Viburnum is a reliable shrub for this type of use, as well as holly and boxwood. Many shrubs offer flowers in spring and turn color in the fall, add more visual interest to a property. Avoid planting shrubs in straight lines, which reinforces the rigid lines of the design. Instead, spread the plants a bit to create more variety.

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