Make Hinge Gate For Front Porch

Gate for front porch can add some extra security to your porch when installed in conjunction with a balustrade or half walls around the perimeter of the porch. While the door is closed, it will help to keep children and pets on the porch. Conversely, it can keep them off the porch, too. You can make your own hinges porch gate of regular wooden pickets. And other carpentry materials purchased at your local hardware store or home improvement center.

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Measure the distance between the posts on either side of the entryway to the porch. Plan your gate for front porch is 3/4 inches smaller than the width of the opening to allow 3/8 inches between the gate and the pillar on each side. Standard pickets are 36 inches long, so your gate is 36 inches high. Purchase the standard wood piles to span the width of the gate with the same space between each picket. And also without having to use a partial outpost. For example, if the gate width is 35 inches and you use the pickets 3 inches wide. Using nine pickets of an inch between each. If you want to have a gate that is shorter than 36 inches, saw the pickets to the desired height.

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Saw a board, 2 of 4 inches, a length of 36 inches. This is the stile which will be on the stopper, or the opening side of the actual gate for front porch. Saw two wooden boards, 2 by 4 inches, as long as the gate width minus the width of one of the piles. Do stile flat on the work surface. Placing a metal contact plate so that it extends from the end of a rail to the stile. Screw a picket in front of the stile using at least two screws.

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