To Remove An Aluminum Porch Awnings

Aluminum porch awnings – Let’s starting with find bolts or screws that attach to the posts aluminum awning. Unscrew all the hardware. Ask someone to help you lift the aluminum out of the frame and set it aside. Digging around the bottom of every post that is secured in the ground. These positions maybe set in concrete. Dig around the post to determine how they were installed. Break up any concrete with a hoe. Slide a pry bar during the concrete and applying pressure to dislodge the concrete from the soil.

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Continue to break up and remove pieces of concrete. Until you have freed the metal posts. Skip this step if your aluminum porch awnings are connect to the housing at both ends. Unscrew the bolts that attach the metal awning posts for the house. Slide bolts or screws. Ask someone to help you lift and remove the metal awning posts and set them aside. Fill in any holes in the ground with soil.

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Compact dirt well to keep the soil from sinking in that area. Patching holes in the wall with the patch composite. Stucco, wood and vinyl all require different types of connections. Choose one that works for your exterior. Use a spatula to fill the hole and push the knife over the surface of the housing to smooth the putty. Let the putty dry. Sand area lightly with fine grit sandpaper. And the new aluminum porch awnings were finish.

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